Frame Scaffolding

Frame Scaffolding


Scaffold systems are temporary elevated platform structures, suspended or supported, used to support workers and materials during a construction process.From small contractors to large industrial contractors and rental companies, Universal has the most modern scaffolding products and support services to ensure safety and on-the-job efficiency needed to take your company to the next level.

  • Large selection of frame lock types and tube sizes

  • Easily assembled

  • Scaffolding for masonry, maintenance, and shoring

  • Fast erection and dismantling

  • High-strength steel tubing

  • Mason, ladder, walkthru, pedestal and canopy frames

  • Special brace lock spacing to match existing inventory

  • Safe, efficient and dependable

Best Frame Scaffolding Company

Our company offers the best modular high performance scaffolding. All our products are easy and fast to install. Specially designed for different works in facades with absolute security. Certified product.

All our products allow to approach with total security different configurations for diverse scopes. You will be able to make restoration of artistic patrimony, rehabilitation of facades or houses, and many more works.

Frame Scaffolding Chicago

The best frame scaffolding for you

All our Scaffolding are simple and quick to assemble. No special tools required. Assemble your scaffolding in few time and with few tools. Besides, all our scaffolding are safe. We have two types of security elements:

1.- Assembly railing for collective protection. Assembly from lower level and protection against falls when accessing the upper level. It has a verified safety foot.

2.- Handrails for exterior and interior protection. Safe access by means of platforms. It has a special trap door. According to the height, we can include attached stairs.


Protection against corrosion

Excellent galvanized in warm. Great superficial finished of great durability

Widths adapted to different needs

We can adjust to your needs. We have widths of 0.70 m and 1.02 m.

The anti-slip platforms

All our platforms and own frames prevent accidental movements.

Lightweight scaffolding

Our advanced design allows the scaffolding to be very safe but light at the same time.

Frame Scaffolding Chicago
Frame Scaffolding Chicago
Frame Scaffolding Chicago