How To Keep Your Staircase Towers Safe

It is very common to see workplace accidents on a daily basis. Trips, trips, falls and falls happen frequently. That’s why you should learn How To Keep Your Staircase Towers Safe. This allows you to provide a safe work environment for you and your workers.

Keep your staircase tower safe

Workers must maintain certain safety etiquette in order to do their job safely. 

Stairway platforms should be free of obstructions. Accumulation of debris, matter, or trash should be avoided. Also, remember that the door or gate leading to a stairway must also be free of obstacles.

Your stair towers should always have handrails. Workers should use it when ascending or descending any stairway.

Protect yourself from the weather. Check for snow, water or ice on ladder rungs. 

Do not use ground ladders for storage, even temporarily.

Inspect Staircase Towers Chicago for irregularities. Check for missing rungs or loose handrails.

if the handrail is loose. Also, check for corrosion, holes, grease, spills or loose carpets/rugs.

Check for open doors on platforms.  

If required by construction, make sure there is adequate lighting. 

Add extra protection to your towers by having Safety Netting Chicago installed.

Remind your workers never to run up or down stairs.

It is necessary to avoid distractions while working on the tower.

Check that screws, fasteners and fittings are in place and tight.

Staircase towers should always be carefully installed and checked by a specialist.

Remember that most ladder incidents occur when an employee is not paying attention, rushing and not watching his or her feet. That’s why it’s important that workers be instructed in current Construction Regulations. It is also necessary that the Towers you hire comply with the same regulations.

By following our recommendations you will make your staircase Towers a safe place for your workers’ access. Ask the experts if you have any questions about how to make or provide more safety for your workers.

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