How To Prevent Injuries When Working On Scaffolding

When working at heights, it is essential to take measures to prevent accidents. Workers and contractors should know How To Prevent Injuries When Working On Scaffolding. Many people work every day in construction across the country. Injury rates in the construction industry could be at an all-time high if proper precautions are not taken. That’s why the experts at Scaffolding Rental La Grange instruct workers on the proper use of scaffolding.

What hazards can occur with scaffolding?

Scaffolding shoul be perfectly place to avoid falls. Millions of construction workers use scaffolding every day. They always follow certain safety precautions. This can prevent many injuries from accidents and deaths from falls.

What can we do?

  • Scaffolds should be at least 10 feet away from power lines. This is to avoid possible electrical contact and shock.
  • Scaffolds should have handrails, guardrails and toe boards. An additional plus is to install Safety Netting La Grange. In the event of a fall of personnel or material, the netting will hold them in place.
  • Scaffolding must be straight and rigid. They must also support their own weight. Do not exceed the maximum load.
  • A trained person should always check the Scaffolds. He/She should check all parts and elements of it. 
  • Scaffolds need ladders and platforms to access and move properly.
  • A qualified person should erecte, dismantle or remove the Scaffold.
  • Do not use Unstable objects such as buckets, boxes, loose bricks, to support scaffolds or platforms.
  • Change all damage Scaffolding accessories such as braces, brackets, braces, trusses or ladders.
  • Scaffold platforms must be firmly planked with planks of excellent quality material.

People should follow All Construction Safety standards. This will prevent accidents and unfortunate losses. When renting or buying scaffolding, always ask the specialists.

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