Ring Lock Scaffolding

Ring Lock Scaffolding

Ringlock scaffolding Chicago is a modular system, that is versatile and can be a temporary work structure that can be erected with speed and efficiency.

Ring Lock System Scaffold for the Industrial, Commercial & Residential Markets are designed and manufactured to meet all scaffolding industry standards. Our broad selection of RingLock scaffolding products and accessories includes vertical posts, horizontal ledgers, bay braces, board brackets and more. StepUp Scaffold’s RingLock System Scaffold is easy to assemble and improves labor productivity. This makes our RingLock System Scaffold one of the most used and recognized RingLock scaffolding for sale on the market today.

Get the best Ring Lock Scaffolding Chicago

Our Ring Lock multidirectional scaffolding system is modular. We manufacture only certified scaffolding. Our system is the safest and most effective for construction projects that require working at various heights. They are ideal for jobs such as building maintenance, outdoor painting, civil works, industrial maintenance, shipbuilding or stage assembly for different events. All our scaffolds comply with the required technical standard.

The best of our ringlock scaffolds


Our rosette system allows 8 connections in different directions. This allows for adaptable assemblies. All of them can be adapted to different types of structures, either straight or curved


Our scaffolding is made of high resistance galvanized structural steel. We guarantee a long life span. They have a high resistance in any climate. They will certainly not be damaged if stored outdoors. Besides, they do not need to be painted. They are highly resistant to corrosion.


Wedge connection assembly system is highly safe. We offer straight, rigid and tight connections. This allows that all the parts that compose its structure do not present any instability.


You only need a hammer. We have the appropriate adjustment, resistant to bending. This prevents the structure from sliding. Its distribution prevents it from dismantling.

Ringlock Scaffolding Chicago
Ringlock Scaffolding Chicago
Ringlock Scaffolding Chicago