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We know that finding the right scaffolding provider can be difficult. That’s why our company is here to help.

We are your leading provider of specialized services for the domestic, industrial and commercial markets. Our Company offers access systems and scaffolding.

We are committed to solving all equipment rental/sales needs for our clients. Choose from our great inventory of Scaffolding Rental Gary Indiana. We offer scaffolding and industrial solutions to every project in Gary Indiana 

Our Services

We are your premier partner in equipment, tool and scaffolding rentals. Whether you are a homeowner, small contractor, or own an industrial or manufacturing business, we rent scaffolding to get your project done. We also offer repair, installation, and scaffolding training. We have a large inventory of spare parts in stock. Our goal is to get you back to work quickly when your scaffold needs service or repair. 

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Frame Scaffolding

Scaffold systems are temporary elevated platform structures, suspended or supported. We provide these systems to support workers and materials during the construction process.

Scaffolding Rental La Grange

Ring Lock Scaffolding

Ringlock scaffolding is a modular system. We provide this versatile scaffolding for your companies. Also, with this scaffolding, the work structure can be erected with speed and efficiency.

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Protection Canopies

 Sidewalk protection canopy protects pedestrians from falling debris. This is essential while work is occurring on the exterior of a building. We make sure you have the right protection.

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Shoring is the process of temporarily supporting a building, structure, or trench with shores. This is for when in danger of collapse or during repairs or altercations.
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Material Hoist

Material hoists provide maximum safety. Likewise, they’re an alternative to rope & pulley systems, cranes, and forklifts for lifting equipment. So, why wait? We offer high-quality materials for your business.

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Debris Chute

Dispose of your construction debris with cost-effective, reliable debris chute. We offer debris chutes that will streamline your clean-up process. 


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Staircase Towers

Staircase Towers are safer and faster. They can handle more people than ladders and allow workers to carry tools or materials up the scaffolding platform.

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Safety Netting

Safety netting helps keep workers safe from falling or tools from dropping. Moreover, it can be easily wrapped around existing scaffolding.

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Winter Enclosures

Winter enclosures help keep work areas shielded from snow, rain, and wind. These enclosures can hinder workers’ ability to continue the construction.

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United Scaffolding is a Chicago based, family-owned scaffolding company. Founded by Roberto Carlos Lopez. An industrial service professional with a proven track record of dedication. We continually identify opportunities to optimize costs and improve quality. Likewise, we help clients achieve unparalleled reliability, lower costs, and best value. We commit to providing our customers with excellent service and optimal productivity. In this way, we manage to exceed our customers’ expectations.
Our quality control process ensuresgreat customers satisfaction. We only deliver materials in good working condition. While meeting most safety standards every time. Our company carries out each project with the highest level of professionalism. And we support our customers with a dedicated, knowledgeable team of scaffolding contractors.
United Scaffolding strives to earn your trust and confidence. We are committed to becoming your only source for access solutions. Looking for the Best Scaffolding rental in Glendale Heights? We’re the best option. 
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How Important is Gary for your Business?

Gary is the largest city in Lake County, Indiana. The city is strategically located southeast of the Chicago metropolitan area. Its population is growing, making it the third most populous city in the state. This has resulted in the opening of many successful businesses giving the city great growth.
Gary is ready to continue its economic growth this year. The expectations are truly attractive. Entrepreneurs in the city have the ability to process all the permits without any hassle. Every part of this city has a zoning category. This helps define the land uses and specifications permitted. All permits and licenses are issued on time.
Gary is definitely a city that attracts the attention of investors.

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Choosing the right scaffolding is important because the lives of your workers depend on it. You don’t want negligence to cause someone’s death or injury. That’s why you should contact a scaffolding rental company. But it should be a specialized company.

The right scaffolding must be stable and strong enough to support the weight of workers and construction material. Scaffolding is usually made of steel, aluminum or wood. There are different types of scaffolding:


When contacting the specialists, you must specify the type of work you wish to do. They will surely advise you in the right way.


There are three main reasons why you will need scaffolding on construction sites: safety, ease of access and strategic position. You need the right scaffolding equipment to reduce the chances of unjustified accidents. It can be used by more than one worker at the same time, allowing them to finish the job faster. Scaffolding not only ensures the safety of workers, but also that of bystanders.

Scaffolding facilitates access to places that cannot be reached otherwise. In addition, they can be adjusted to different heights according to your needs.

Renting a scaffold instead of building it saves a lot of time, effort and money. You don’t have to buy materials and erect them. Just contact a rental service and have them deliver and erect the scaffolding themselves. There is no need to do any paperwork on the equipment or maintain the scaffolding. The company will take care of everything.

You can surf the Internet and know what kind of tools and equipment you need beforehand. That way you will be more informed about everything. You should also learn how to operate scaffolding or find someone who does. You don’t want to be the one to blame for your workers’ injuries. Always ask the specialists.

Also, if you need to erect the scaffolding in a high-traffic location, you’ll probably need to get a local license. Don’t forget to calculate how long you’ll need the equipment for and how much money you can spend on it.


1.- Perform a risk assessment. This is a legal requirement to identify and eliminate potential hazards in the workplace.

2.- Keep the workplace tidy and free of clutter.

3.- Be careful with deadlines, as you want to finish the work on schedule, but you don’t want speed to compromise the safety of your workers.

4.-Don’t forget to make periodic checks on site.

5. – Try to detect any damage to the scaffolding elements and report it in time.