Sidewalk protection canopy protects pedestrians from falling debris while work is occurring on the exterior of a building.

We at United Scaffolding Inc (USI) understand the importance of the safety of pedestrians during  construction projects. We are proud to state that we are the largest sidewalk protection canopy provider in the entire Chicago land area.  Currently we have our protection canopies in all type of construction projects including but not limited to projects like new construction, demolition, rehab, or maintenance.

USI also specializes in  emergency and court ordered projects, where we install the protection canopy for you within a few hours of receiving your call.

United Scaffolding is proud to have the best expediting service in the industry.  By using USI you will not have to worry about obtaining permit(s). We have our own in house expeditors for all the necessary permit(s) required for your project.  We can obtain the permit for your project within a few hours of receiving a signed contract.