What Is The Difference Between Frame and Ringlock Scaffolding?

Any important construction needs a structure of temporary scaffolding. This will help to execute the construction. But, you cannot use the same type of scaffolding for all types of construction.  It is necessary to know their function, how assembling and disassembled. It is really interesting to know each one of them. But what are the types of scaffolding? What Is The Difference Between Frame and Ringlock Scaffolding? What scaffolding should you use in your construction? The answer comes from the experts at Scaffolding Rental Des Plaines.

There are actually a variety of scaffolding classifications. This classification depends on the manufacturer, design, function, and even the country you are heading to. However, among the most common are: the Frame Scaffolding and the Ringlock Scaffolding. Their use will depend on the work you are doing.

Frame Scaffolding

The frame scaffolds are great structures joined by platforms, railings and diagonals. These form adaptable assemblies to various facade geometries. It is a modular galvanized scaffolding of great benefits that simplifies the assembly works. The frame scaffolding is ideal for all types of work on the facade. Besides, this type of scaffolding is simple and quick to assemble. People do not need special tools or extra elements. It is a Lightweight scaffolding with optimized design

Ringlock Scaffolding

Ringlock Scaffolding are easy and quickly to assembled. They adapt to any construction or configuration: straight, curved or circular. This is for both access and support. It can also adapt to independent mobile towers. Ringlock is a low maintenance type of scaffolding. The entire system is fully galvanized. Repair and reconditioning is easier, too.

Now, when you need to incorporate scaffolding into your construction site, we recommend asking the experts at the City of Des Plaines. You are sure to find plenty of scaffolding to fit your needs and budget.

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